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Continued Professional Development

Like the plants in my garden, I’m all about growth.


As well as taking part in mentoring schemes and networking with colleagues, I regularly attend webinars, conferences and courses in my specialist subject areas and work on my languages.

For me, the academic side to translation is a huge part of its charm.

I love being able to sit down at my desk every day and learn something new or improve my language skills.

Seedlings growing in cardboard pots

Here are a few examples of the varied ways I keep my translation skills and subject knowledge up to muster.


  • Articles from market research journals

  • Articles about changes in the retail sector       

  • Podcasts in Spanish, French and Portuguese

  • Visits to RHS gardens

  • Subscription to the RHS magazine      

  • Webinars on horticulture by the French gardening society

I also believe in the value of helping the next generation of translators and in supporting my colleagues.

That’s why I take part in mentoring programmes through the ITI, write for the ITI Bulletin and co-ordinate the ITI Parent Network – arranging events to explore best working practices as a parent and freelance translator.

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